About Me

Hi there!

My blog’s The Chatty Foodie but you can call me Fann. Try not to laugh, but the idea for this blog actually came to me while I was sitting on the toilet. I can’t be the only person to have spawned an idea while taking a dump, right?

My goal for this blog is for it to be a place where people come, read my posts, and leave feeling like they’ve just chatted to a friend over a meal. I also hope to share my cooking adventures and for people to draw inspiration for their future meals.

Aside from enjoying the act of eating, I’ve also always had a thing for cooking. However, my interest for it peaked back in 2015 when I moved to Montreal with my boyfriend. We were (and still are) on a tight budget so I had to get creative with my meals and I think that really sparked something in me. I’m definitely not a professional and I don’t claim to have the best cooking techniques, but I’m hoping I’ll keep improving over time. Yep, failed recipe attempt #23168310 here I come!

I truly owe my passion to my Mum who instilled in me from a young age a sense of curiosity for food and a fearless attitude when it comes to creating dishes. I often don’t measure out things carefully and I wonder who that comes from :P.

My love for food is the only thing that has stayed constant in my life and I feel really blessed all the time to be able to enjoy it the way I do.

If you have feedback or if you just want to say hi, please do leave a comment after reading because that would 100% make my day! Also if you’d like to get alerts for every time I post, remember to subscribe/follow this blog 🙂

The chatty foodie,
over & out.


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